Yulin Naval Base on Hainan Island, where the country’s balloon program is based out of  

Daily Mail: REVEALED: China’s secret spy balloon base is located on remote and heavily militarized island – as Beijing officials ‘refuse to speak to US defense secretary after balloon was downed’ 

 * The Chinese spy balloon shot down over US airspace was one of ‘dozens’ 

 * The balloons are a ‘massive part’ of China’s elaborate espionage programs 

 * Chinese officials have not spoken to US counterparts since the destruction 

The Chinese spy balloon that was shot down by a US fighter jet off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday was the product of a factory based out of a naval base on a remote island in the Communist nation, it has been revealed. 

A new report from the Washington Post details that the airship, which triggered a dramatic, and public, spying saga that worsened Chinese-U.S. relations, has been a key part of Beijing’s intelligence operations for years. 

The report says that the Chinese military has previously sent balloons into the airspace of geopolitical rivals such as Japan, India and the Philippines.  

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WNU Editor: A lot of details have become public on China’s “balloon program”. See below for some of them.

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