MiG-31BM supersonic interceptor equipped with a Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic cruise missile underneath it. Russian Ministry of Defense/YouTube  

The Intel Drop: 2nd Kinzhal Attack Hits NATO’s Western Command Center 80 meters Underground, 40 Killed 

IN western Ukraine a Russian Forces Kinzhal struck a bunker extending to 80 metres deep. The RF believes this bunker near Lvov was a NATO strategic command point used to control anti-aircraft systems. It’s still early days but the RF assumes there were up to 300 personnel in the bunker, 40 of which were high ranking foreign specialists, hence we can expect 40 body bags heading west in due course. Unconfirmed in the Nikolaevsk region the RF destroyed four senior militants, and a number of officers and planners. 

As NATO fly’s its spy planes along the Moldavian/Transnistrian (Priednestrovie) border collecting data for the Ukrainians, their troops are positioning themselves to invade Transnistria in Moldova’s breakaway region. A significant build-up of Ukrainian personnel and equipment including setting up of artillery positions and an “unprecedented” increase of drone flights over the region indicate the preparation for an invasion of the sovereign territory that was declared independent in the early 1990s. Half of Transnistria’s 500,000 residents have Russian citizenship. 

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WNU Editor: Cannot confirm this report. But it had to be a high priority target for Russia to use a hypersonic missile. I am also wondering if this was the reason why a B-52H bomber did a nuclear exercise targeting Saint Petersburg early this week (i.e. to send a message to Moscow) …. U.S. B-52H bomber Aproached St. Petersburg At A Distance Of About 200 km During Its Flight Over The Gulf Of Finland (March 11, 2023).