With the council results so far, we are witnessing an average swing from Conservative to Labour since these seats were last fought in 2021 of 8% and a more modest one of 2% since last year – translating into a high rate of Conservative losses.

We may find that by the end of tomorrow that the party has performed even less well than last year, and that its losses may exceed 500 seats.

It is so far proving to be a modest night for the Liberal Democrats. Their vote is down 3% on last year and there has been little sign of them doing well in wards where they began second to Conservatives. However, many of the places the party has been targeting will be counting votes later in the day.

The night has been notable for the Greens and for Reform UK. The Greens are currently averaging 11% in wards they are fighting – at least equal to their best-ever performance in local elections in 2019.

Reform is averaging 14% in wards where it stood, and in those places the Conservatives have suffered heavily, with their vote falling by as much as 19% on 2021.