A Ukrainian serviceman rides inside a truck with artillery shells, amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, near a frontline in Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine January 5, 2023. REUTERS/Stringer 

Reuters: EU Presses for Joint Arms Purchases to Help Ukraine 

MUNICH (Reuters) -The European Union is urgently exploring ways for its member countries to team up to buy munitions to help Ukraine, following warnings from Kyiv that its forces need more supplies quickly, diplomats and officials said. 

EU foreign ministers are expected to discuss the idea of joint procurement of 155-millimetre artillery shells – badly needed by Kyiv – at a meeting in Brussels on Monday. 

EU officials and diplomats say a joint approach would be more efficient than member states placing individual orders. Larger orders would also help industry invest in extra capacity, they said.  

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WNU Editor: So the EU wants to set-up a structure and process (and bureaucracy) to coordinate among all the member states a joint plan to buy munitions to help Ukraine. 

Here is an easy prediction. 

It is going to take months by the time the EU has assembled something that makes sense, and even longer to have the funds allocated to help industry build-up the facilities to make munitions and arms for Ukraine. The war could possibly be over by the time the EU has produced one shell.