“Mica” for Borderlandbeat.com Part 1, 2, 3 Before continuing, ask how many guards Ovidio had inside the compound. Happy Friday, the 13th. Enjoy!
Finishing up on the expansion of the original structure, with the designated casita for the guards. Space, or lack of it, played a factor in only providing 701ft².  This area accommodated 4 staff with dual bunk beds.
The casita below and as seen in recent drone footage. 
Picture credit @HEARST
Picture credit @HEARST
An outline of the sicario casita on the original structure.
The exterior of the sicario casita also provided a play area for the children of Ovidio. This area leads to grass and the nativity scene. 
From the corner of the courtyard to the back entrance is 80 ft.
The distance from the home’s entrance to the front gate is 93 ft.
A closer look at the stained interior courtyard where a sicario was shot and lost a lot of blood.
Now, you should have a better understanding of the grounds of the compound. In the next chapter, we will examine the immediate area outside the compound wall.