“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

I want to tell you that I bring you affectionate greetings from a long suffering Mexico, a Mexico in pain, a Mexico that is canceling freedoms. The freedom to choose because there is an autocratic president, an aspiring dictator who is attacking the independent electoral authorities that we worked so hard to build. Who is attacking the freedom of the press and harassing journalists who criticize him and expose his hypocrisy in a country that has seen the murder of 40 journalists in this government. A country that attacks our freedom to live the future because it attacks the environment.

It destroys our jungle, our mangroves, it destroys our air. I come with a message of sadness. I would disagree with the congresswoman, I’d be ashamed to disagree with Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo. Sometimes I think that I’ve become a pessimist, not from being inside the penthouse of ideas. But more so from the facts of having lived through a rough experience. Nonetheless, your message gives me back at least tonight a lot of hope. And from there I transmit what I want to transmit.

This greeting is from a Mexico in pain. Where today, probably this very hour, the 150,000th Mexican was killed since the president of Mexico decreed that the policy with organized crime was not to comply with the law. But to give hugs instead of gunfire. 150,000 have been murdered in a little more than a few years. Which means that 96 people are murdered a day. And this future that cancels freedoms and cancels life. I don’t want it for Mexico and I don’t want it for Latin America and I don’t want it for Argentina. This will not be so if you decide that this future without freedom will not be for you or for anyone else.

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