“Ivan” for Borderland Beat 
The following video shows gulf cartel “Metros” faction members of Reynosa making threats against rival gulf cartel “Scorpions” of Matamoros.  Allegedly the armed confrontation between both rival factions took place in Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas, which is historically a stronghold plaza for the gulf cartel members operating out of Matamoros. 

The following translation of the video 
“Hitman #1: Fuck your mothers, look fuckers, what happened to your monster!! 
Hitman #1: look how it was left, fucking assholes, why you guys run for ? straight up gulf cartel group “metros” fuckers!!
Hitman #1: so you guys know who the fuck we are!! we came inside your kitchen all the way to Valle Hermoso fuckers here in Martin Rocha , you guys abandoned your barrets and your weapons you guys ran away like pussies, fucking scorpions, pussies!! in fucking lard! bastards!!! 

It is a very busy situation especially roads from Ribereña-Reynosa to Miguel Aleman the roads are already well reinforced, a lot of hawks along the highway.”