Summit News: French Historian: World War III Has Already Begun  

“We are now in an endless war.”

A French historian who accurately predicted the fall of the Soviet Union over a decade in advance says that World War III has already begun as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. 

The comments were made by Emmanuel Todd, one of France’s leading intellectuals, during an interview with the Le Figaro newspaper. 

“It is evident that the conflict, initially a limited territorial war, has evolved into a global economic confrontation between the whole West on one side, and Russia, backed by China, on the other. It has become a world war,” Todd said. 

Todd added that “the resistance of the Russian economy is pushing the U.S. imperial system toward the abyss” and that Biden must “hurry” to rescue a “fragile” America. 

According to the historian, U.S. control of the world financial system is at risk because the Russian economy’s resistance to sanctions is pushing “the American imperial system” toward the precipice,” with Russia still able to rely on China for monetary backing. 

Todd says America “cannot withdraw from the conflict, they cannot let go,” because it has no exit strategy and the stakes are too high.  

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WNU Editor: About two years ago former Russian President Medvedev was warning that the world was entering a dangerous phase of war and conflict between Russia and the West. He even warned in 2019 that if Russia was banned from SWIFT, it would mean war …. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev: Cutting Russia Off From SWIFT Would Mean Declaration Of War (December 5, 2019). 

At the time I was critical of the former Russian President. I did not share his views that the security situation in Europe was that serious, and I was confident that through talks and diplomacy a solution would be found. 

I was wrong. 

In the above post the French historian Emmanuel Todd is right that we are now entering an era of endless war. The world order that we have gotten to know since the fall of the Soviet Union is disintegrating, and we are now facing a conflict between three superpowers. The financial superpower (i.e. the West). The resource superpower (i.e. Russia), and the manufacturing superpower (i.e. China). 

Here is a sad but easy prediction.

If this conflict is not managed properly, and if de-escalation and de-coupling efforts fail, we are all going to be facing some very hard and difficult times in the years to come.