We’re seeing some intriguing things from CNN lately. Now while I note them, I always caveat that it’s CNN, and they always seem to slip back into their unobjective normal selves. But there does appear to be something afoot. 

As I noted, when you have Jake Tapper—who seems to hate former President Donald Trump with the passion of a thousand suns—admitting that “Trump was right” and “Biden was wrong,” you can talk about hell freezing over. Even if they know it’s true, it was rather revolutionary of Tapper to admit that they’re finally willing to acknowledge what Biden had been claiming about his son and not getting any money from China wasn’t true. Now this was something they could have figured out with the slightest bit of journalism long ago. The evidence, as we’ve reported, has been out there for years. They could have said this back in 2020. But that wouldn’t have been good for Biden, so why are they admitting it now? 

Now CNN was talking about the investigation into Hunter Biden by the DOJ. Attorney and former federal prosecutor Elie Honig was asked by Erica Hill if he had ever seen a “federal case play out like this case before.” Honig said no, that the way it had been handled was ‘inexplicable.” 

Honig ripped it apart, saying there were five years of an investigation with “no transparency, no action, and some questions being asked…” He asked what was taking so long in the case. Honig said there seems to have been a pattern playing out where they tried to go easy on Hunter Biden and then backed off when they were called out. Then Honig pointed out that after all that, the same guy (David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware) was made Special Counsel in the case. Honig said he was “perplexed.” Honig said the DOJ had made a “real mess for themselves, and now they’re going to have to deal with the consequences.” 

That’s a pretty honest assessment of the problems—Honig blows up how Biden’s DOJ has dealt with it all. I’m not used to seeing such honesty on CNN. You expect to see criticism of the DOJ or Weiss from people on the right but not folks on CNN. We saw Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), for example, joining the call for the removal of Weiss. 

So the big question is, why this sudden flip on Biden? Is it that the facts on the case are just so undeniable that they can’t argue away certain aspects like those Honig and Tapper pointed out? Or is there something else going on—have they given up on Joe Biden? Is he suddenly going to retire to deal with family issues? But then what do they do about Kamala Harris, who is even more unpopular than Biden? Meanwhile, they have people like California Governor Gavin Newsom chomping at the bit to run if given the word. 

We’ll have to see how it unfolds, but CNN and the Democrats may be realizing that sticking with Joe Biden is a passage to disaster.