As RedState’s Ben Kew reported Friday, lefty actor Mark Hamill of “Star Wars” fame made an ultra-cringe appearance at the White House press briefing and told lame jokes, shilled for the president, and just generally gave one the shivers. How’s this for comedy? He said to the president, “Can I call you Joe-B-Wan Kenobi?”


I can’t stop laughing—because I never started. 


Mark Hamill Makes Cringey Appearance at White House Press Briefing, Lame Jokes Fall Flat

The appearance was ostensibly to mark Star Wars Day, which is celebrated on May 4th, but this being the Biden White House, they seemed to be honoring it on the 3rd

But the cringe wasn’t done: On Saturday—which this time was at least officially the 4th—Biden posted a creepy video of himself and Hamill mugging for the camera.


Since there are wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, an invasion at our southern border, mass pro-Hamas violence on the nation’s campuses, and soaring inflation, the internet naturally was not kind to the duo. Here’s RedState’s Bonchie:

My friend, super-lawyer, and free speech advocate Julie Hamill (who I wrote about here), distanced herself from the actor:


Investigative reporter Drew Hernandez wasn’t impressed either:

Political commentator Brilyn Hollyhand took a more serious tone, pointing out that maybe this moment in history isn’t necessarily the time for our leader to be joking about Hollywood movies:

My personal favorite, however, came from popular pro-Trump influencer Brick Suit, who noted that Biden probably already forgot what “Star Wars” is, and is once again vacationing at the beach.


Although some of these tweets are hysterical, they also make the broader point that this president does not seem to be a serious person and is palling around with celebrities instead of focusing on the myriad problems facing this country—many of which he created. While we can mock him all we want, what we really need to do is vote him out of office.


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