Zelenskyy watches as Biden signs the guest book Monday at Mariinsky Palace during a surprise visit to Kyiv.Evan Vucci / AP  

Brahma Chellaney, The Hill: Biden’s Ukraine strategy is failing 

As the war in Ukraine drags on despite the unprecedented U.S.-led sanctions against Russia, “Ukraine fatigue” in the West is beginning to set in. Most Americans now oppose Congress authorizing further military and economic aid for Kyiv, according to a new CNN-SSRS poll. 

It is easier to keep funding and arming a country when things are going well. But Ukraine’s counteroffensive against the entrenched Russian invaders is floundering, despite the West training and equipping Ukrainian formations with tens of billions of dollars’ worth of new weapons.  

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WNU Editor: There are others who have a different point of view …. The US has a chance to defeat Russian imperialism for good (James J. Coyle, The Hill). 

As to what is my take. 

The momentum is now clearly on the Russian side. Their advances in the northeast part of the country has forced Ukraine to redeploy what reserves they have left to this part of the country.

So what is next? 

The White House underestimated Russia, and overestimated Ukraine. Even as the Ukraine counteroffensive fails to make any progress, I can easily see the Biden administration doubling down because they believe Russia has already lost the war (see video below). 

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