US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during the NATO Summit © Provided by The Telegraph  

The Telegraph: Ukraine’s counter-offensive is stalling. The West must prepare for humiliation 

Time is running out for Ukraine. After 18 months of war, it is no longer a question of if the Western alliance will falter, but when. Since the start, despite making many of the right noises and supplying some military hardware, France and Germany, in particular, have been reluctant partners. Their leaders have often seemed more concerned with finding an “off-ramp” for Vladimir Putin than ejecting his forces from Ukraine. As well as dependency on Russian energy, a pacifist instinct among Western European political classes has led to neglect of their armed forces and a corresponding fear of escalation. 

As the provider of the lion’s share of backing for Ukraine, it is the US calling the shots in this war. Yet, since the earliest days, President Biden, too, has been dragging his heels, giving just about enough military assistance to keep Ukraine fighting, but intentionally not enough to enable a victory.  

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WNU Editor: The above author (Colonel Richard Kemp) is a fervent supported of Ukraine, and that is why his commentary is an eye-opener. 

Bottom line. 

The West has to escalate their involvement in the war even more by significantly ramping up military aid to Ukraine and increasing economic pressure on Russia. If not, Western public support for the war will continue to decrease, and the likelihood of a Ukraine victory is all but unlikely.