Ukraine President Zelensky  

Newsweek: Zelensky is Getting Desperate 

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky’s series of high-profile visits to secure fighter jets show an “urgency” to secure support before an expected push by Russian forces, an expert told Newsweek. 

Zelensky got a rousing reception at the British and European parliaments, as well as during a visit to Paris, in which he stepped up his calls for combat aircraft that he has been pushing for since the start of Vladimir Putin’s invasion. “We have freedom, give us wings to protect it,” Zelensky told British MPs.

“For Zelensky there was an urgency” to push for the planes, said Marcel Van Herpen, director of the Dutch think tank the Cicero Foundation and author of Putin’s Wars. “February 24 is for the Kremlin a symbolic date, the start of last year’s failed blitzkrieg,” he told Newsweek.  

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WNU Editor: When you see your country being systematically destroyed and dismembered. Desperation would certainly be one of those emotions.