The scene of an alleged Israeli airstrike in the Kafar Sousah neighborhood of Syria’s capital, Damascus, early February 19, 2023. (Social media)  

Jerusalem Post/Reuters: Rocket strike in Damascus hit Iranian military sites, experts, sources say 

A rocket attack in Damascus on Sunday that Syria blamed on Israel hit an installation where Iranian officials were meeting to advance programs to develop drone or missile capabilities of Tehran’s allies in Syria, sources told Reuters. 

Iran has been a major backer of President Bashar al-Assad during Syria’s nearly 12-year conflict. Its support for Damascus and the Lebanese group Hezbollah has drawn regular Israeli air strikes meant to curb Tehran’s extraterritorial military power. 

A source close to the Syrian government with knowledge of Sunday’s strike and its target said it hit a gathering of Syrian and Iranian technical experts in drone manufacturing, though he said no top-level Iranian was killed. 

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Update: Report: Israeli strike on Syria this week targeted visiting Iranian officials (Times Of Israel)  

WNU Editor: If true, another sign on the effectiveness of Israeli intelligence.