Israeli F-35 fighter jets fly in formation during the military’s Blue Flag exercise in October 2021. (Israel Defense Forces)  

Times of Israel: Israeli Air Force simulates widescale strike on Iran nuclear facilities 

Military says dozens of fighter jets conduct ‘long-range flight, aerial refueling and striking distant targets’ maneuvers over Mediterranean Dozens of Israeli Air Force fighter jets conducted air maneuvers over the Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday night, simulating striking Iranian nuclear facilities. 

According to a statement by the Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday, the drill included “long-range flight, aerial refueling and striking distant targets.” According to Channel 13 news, more than 100 aircraft — as well as navy submarines — participated in the drill that spanned some 10,000 kilometers.  

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WNU Editor: The U.S. is going to participate in the next round of exercises …. Israel set to hold several major joint military drills with US in coming months (Times of Israel). More here …. Report: US, Israel to Conduct Joint Drills Simulating Attacks on Iran (