Last Updated on March 10, 2023


Video footage that has resurfaced from the January 6th demonstrations against election fraud shows Navy veteran Jacob Chansley, who’s better known as the “Q Shaman,” telling his fellow January 6th demonstrators to “go home” and “remain peaceful,” quoting President Trump’s post to Twitter that was censored by left-wing Big Tech as they sought to push a narrative of violence in the aftermath of the anti-fraud demonstrations.

In the recently resurfaced video footage from the US Capitol on January 6th, Jacob Chansley, better known as the “Q Shaman,” directly quotes President Trump’s instructions to a crowd gathered outside of the Capitol building, telling them to go home peacefully before reminding them that “we are not Antifa.” Chansley directly quoted President Trump’s instructions to the crowd of demonstrators, instructions that were posted online in the form of Tweets and a video statement before they were ultimately censored by Big Tech.

“President Donald Trump has asked everybody to go home!” Chansley told the crowd. “So what are we going to do? We are going to obey our President, we are going to do what he asks for, and we are going to go home.”

“We are not Antifa!” Chansley reminded his fellow demonstrators.

Watch the video footage below:

More J6 Video: January 6th Was a Police Riot, Cops Admit to Attacking ‘Innocent’ Protestors

The resurfaced video footage of the Q Shaman telling J6 demonstrators to peacefully depart from the Capitol comes on the heels of the release of US Capitol security footage, that shows Chansley being escorted around the building by the US Capitol Police, who attempted to open doors for him and allow him into legislative chambers. The footage is a massive contradiction to the narrative that Democrats, uni-party Republicans, and their corporate media allies have advanced for over two years, a narrative in which Chansley is painted as an “insurrectionist” and terrorist ringleader.

Additional footage shows that once Chansley was inside the Senate Chambers, he led those who accompanied him in prayer, and repeatedly asked his fellow demonstrators to respect the Capitol building, its property, its officers, and the representative democracy that the US Capitol stands for.

Nevertheless, the Q Shaman as he is known has been sentenced to four years in federal prison after being pushed into accepting a plea deal by a federal kangaroo court. According to his attorney, Capitol security footage that exonerates him of violent “insurrectionist” accusations was never made available to Chansley by the federal court system and the DOJ.

Watch additional footage of the Q Shaman in the US Capitol building HERE

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