James “Jim” Kirgin of James Kirgin Consulting announces the sponsorship of a real estate and property management seminar to be held in Eagle-Vail, Colorado

This game-changing event will show you why investing in real estate can be a powerful tool for financial freedom.”

— Jim Kirgin

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, February 26, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — James Wallace Kirgin of James Kirgin Consulting proudly announces the sponsorship of a Real Estate Seminar in Eagle- Vail Colorado.

Jim Kirgin says” This game-changing event will show you why investing in real estate can be a powerful tool for financial freedom. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, this free seminar will give you a fresh perspective on why real estate investing is a smart and fulfilling choice.”

The free seminar will take place in Eagle- Vail Colorado in April, 2023 and will offer the fundamentals of real estate investing and property management, and also share personal experiences and insights into why it’s a valuable and rewarding pursuit. James Kirgin says, ” The seminar will show the benefits of property ownership and quality property management : passive income, portfolio diversification, and the potential for long-term growth, all through a practical and engaging lens.”

James Wallace Kirgin, CEO of James Kirgin Consultants states, “The complimentary seminar in property management will teach you all you need to know about how to obtain responsible management of properties. From apartments to shopping centers, correct management is essential to maintaining value and income in real estate. Dealing with factors such as rent, maintenance and leasing, this free seminar will cover everything you need to know.”

James Kirgin Consulting has a team of professional consultants that are working for homeowners in Eagle- Vail , Colorado, by offering property management consulting to home owners and individuals investing in real estate, and also to property owners seeking quality property management.

Property Management
The free seminar will teach the very best in business management techniques, including a wide range of complex professional and interpersonal skills, as well as cultivating a solid understanding of the potential of a real estate investment. The seminar is designed to help understand the value of professional property management, and real estate investment.

Real Estate Investment

The seminar will cover everything you need to know about investing in and selling real estate. One of the safest investments known to man, real estate banks on the ever growing need for land and shelter to offer safe and substantial returns to investors.

Proprietary tools

The free seminar offers many tools to provide unique and timely insight. They include a monthly survey of local property managers, builder executives, several indices and forecasts, a database of the best community and home designs in the country, and a demand model by price range and household composition. The seminar will also cover: , Digital Marketing, Risk Management, and E-Commerce.

Jim Kirgin of James Kirgin Consulting says “Our clients have personal access to our team of market and industry experts. We also connect clients to opportunities for new business. We seek to continually innovate and improve our practices to make our clients’ lives easier. Consulting with each client to provide each individual with real estate knowledge and management know-how , and find the property management that fits their personal needs”

James Wallace Kirgin looks forward to working with prospective home owners in Eagle- Vail Colorado. James Kirgin Consulting is dedicated to its cliental and offers professional property management consulting in Florida and Colorado. Jim Kirgin will announce the specific date and location for the seminar in Eagle- Vail Colorado, coming in April, 2023

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