Last Updated on September 15, 2023

Joe Biden told a group of Rabbis that was “raised in the synagogues” of Delaware during a conference call this week with Jewish faith leaders.

“I uh, was, you might say, raised in uh, the uh, synagogues of my state,” Biden told the rabbis in a recorded conference call. “You think I’m kidding? I’m not.”

“Back in Wilmington, Deleware, Beth Shalom [Synagogue] was a hall of countless friends for me,” Biden went on to say.

The claims from Biden, which have never been mentioned as part of his background story before this week, appear to mark at least the second time in recent memory that he has blatantly lied to the Jewish community.

Previously, while painting himself as a fighter against antisemitism, Biden falsely claimed to have visited Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life after a mass shooting killed 11 people there.

In reality, Biden only spoke to the synagogue’s Rabbi on the phone and never visited in person.

The claims also come the same week that CNN aired a news segment on Joe Biden’s long-running habit of pathological lying.

In addition to claiming to be Jewish, Joe Biden has claimed to be Puerto Rican, a black civil rights activist, a tractor-trailer driver, and an alumni of a historically black university, among other things.

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Though Biden is claiming this week to be Jewish, the Biden family has long been Catholic and Joe Biden makes semi-regular publicity stunts out of appearing a Catholic church services.

But, ahead of his 2021 inauguration, he was blessed by a Delaware rabbi Michael Beals, who bizarrely compared Joe Biden to Moses in interviews with the Jewish and Israeli press. In the time since then, Beals has been consulted several times by media outlets for reports on the Biden Administration’s relationship with Israel.