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Is this Just Another Glass Bust in Culiacán?

The National Guard secured drugs at a parcel company in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Another bust of a parcel package stuffed with CDS crystal is detected. A week ago, I reported on a similar situation with the glass discovered in a parcel.

From last week.

According to the corporation’s statement, the police entered, with prior authorization and with the support of a canine, a courier and parcel company in Culiacán.

During the meticulous inspection of the package, they located two boxes, which inside contained transparent plastic wrappers with a white and crystalline substance with characteristics similar to narcotics known as crystal.

Just another crystal bust?

The current version of Cartel de Sinaloa is not the same one that Chapo Guzman co-led. Now the groups of Mayos, Guanos, and Chapitos are less aligned and more independent. The government could care less and is going after CDS as a whole.

The US Government has been working in Mexico regardless of what politicians say.

I reported on Mongoose Azteca, the codename for a joint military operation between the US and Mexico. The operation objective, locate and capture Ovidio Guzmán. The operation started at the beginning of August 2022.

The vital member of Chapitos have taken shelter in the mountains as they wait for things to calm with continuous lab busts.

The Military and National Guard go out in helicopters every few days after a high-value target. Ivan reported on Saturday that a leader for Guano was arrested.

Back to the question for you, reader. Is this just another crystal bust, or is CDS losing influence due to this targeted squeeze?

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