Last Updated on March 2, 2023


Arizona Democrat governor Katie Hobbs withdrew her nomination of Matthew Stewart, a reform-minded candidate to lead the state’s Department of Child Safety, an agency that is part of the system of government entities colloquially known as Child Protective Services (CPS). Stewart had already been serving as the state’s director since December 2022 but had yet to be permanently confirmed for the position. Now, Stewart is fired. Why?

The Republican Senate majority in Arizona cited Stewart’s past “insubordination” and resignation from a Department job in outlining their opposition to Stewart. But records reveal that Stewart said he resigned in the past due to feeling “ashamed” of working for an agency that practices racial discrimination in its treatment of black families. Thus, the Arizona political class is kiboshing a man who clearly wanted to change the system to prevent the persecution of minority parents and children.

“This was the best decision for everyone involved at the end of the day. He wasn’t the right fit and as a governor and as a social worker, I take the direction of this agency very seriously,” Democrat governor Katie Hobbs stated. But what direction is the direction actually heading in without Stewart?

The Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus complained about Stewart’s supposed “insubordination” in the past and said “He then resigned from his position immediately before an intended suspension could be issued to him.”

But what really happened?

“I was ashamed” Matthew Stewart said of his realization that the Department disproportionately targets black families, which he confirmed by observing a Department spreadsheet in 2018 on the racial statistics. Stewart then reportedly started an organization called Our Sister, Our Brother to work on family reunification and to stop the needless snatching of kids by the state.

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Matthew Stewart railed against Katie Hobbs for firing him as a “way for the governor to stay safe.” Stewart declared,“If you believe change is needed, and you make a decision to bring in a person who will create change, then you stand behind that person. I’m an example of someone willing to take a risk going into a bureaucratic, deeply ingrained system trying to bring new thinking, new energy.”

I recently executive-produced Save the Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking (WATCH IT HERE) to expose how CPS snatches kids from homes and hospitals and funnels them into the underground world of child sex slavery. States collect Title IV Social Security money for every child adopted out of foster care, thus creating financial incentives for social workers to grab kids from their families and place them into foster care with no hope for family re-unification. My movie featured commentary by former Arizona state senator David Farnsworth, who led the charge into trying to find out how so many children were getting lost in the child welfare system in the state of Arizona. My film also spotlighted Contra Costa County, California, where children have died in the CPS system a short distance away from Bohemian Grove, where globalist elites reportedly practice Moloch worship.

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The Child Protective Services scandals are rampant around the country. A mother named Kristen Joseph is demanding an investigation into the CPS agency in Los Angeles County in an effort to free her son Wrigley Joseph from CPS custody. Kristen Joseph wants the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services to be investigated, and Joseph also wants to get CPS de-funded, dissolved, and destroyed to stop social workers from seizing children. Kristen Joseph’s story can be followed at her website, which states that Wrigley has now spent more than 500 days away from his family home.

Kristen Joseph wrote a letter obtained by NATIONAL FILE that demands an investigation of CPS in Los Angeles. Kristen Joseph writes that “following deprivation of services promised to us under my sons IEP plan and a long, unexpected pandemic, I had to call law enforcement for assistance with my child who has behavioral issues and mental health disorders/disabilities. He was eight at the time, now 10, I’ve seen him twice since that day where I made the biggest mistake of my life. This resulted in an unconstitutional search, seizure of my biological property (my son) and custodial interference, obstruction of access to my family, concealment of my son, abuse, trauma, I will not bore the concerned reader, but it has been heinous to say the least.”

“This is not how our country was built. “We the people, not “We the people under authoritarian rule.” Since then, Many deprivations have occurred leading me to do extensive research. I have come to find that The Department of Children and Family Services (at least this specified one, South County) Of Los Angeles County, California is committing massive misconduct, unlawful activity, deprivation of rights, abuse, ethical malfeasance, and fraud…I’ve been blocked 100% access to my son for pretty much the entirety of this matter. I’ve seen him twice in almost two years. I have countless calls and emails to the Department unanswered, I even went in person multiple times, one of the times I peacefully attempted to communicate in person with the unit overseeing this matter, Security was instructed to “remove” me. They then called law enforcement on me. This is all documented via the sheriff’s body cam but also, I recorded this in it’s entirety myself,” Kristen Joseph writes.

Kristen Joseph discusses Title 4 funding and also says, “Under Sec. 471. [42 U.S.C. 671] there are many specifics the Department or County must abide by and comply with in order to receive funding. I can only speak for myself however I can assure you through this process I have met many other families, court watched many other hearings, read pleadings, orders, cases, etc and this is a pattern of practice, a pattern of fraud and needs a complete investigation, audit, and overhaul on the processes of the agents (acting under the color of law).”

“First and foremost, I never consented to any of this. I never signed anything. I was never served a warrant. There was never a valid petition, this has been a grotesque violation of procedural due process, right to liberty and personal security,” Kristen Joseph writes.

At, Kristen lays out her mission to ‘Dissolve+Destroy Child Protective Services.” Kristen writes: “There’s a special place for child abusers-It’s called prison. There’s already an agency that protect children-It’s called Police. CPS is a FOR PROFIT CORPORATION. You do NOT have to contract with them.”

“February 19, 2021 as I watched my son drive away in the back of a cop car to the psychiatric hospital, I didn’t know that it would be one of the last times I’d be seeing him. I never in a million years could have imagined going a month without my baby by my side let alone 8 and counting,” Kristen writes. “The corruption and criminal activity I’ve witnessed not only in my own case but in so many others has me disgusted beyond words and in the name of my son I vow to NEVER stop fighting until not one single child has to be unlawfully ripped away from their family and home.”

Kristen Joseph states: “Many have asked plenty of questions that have unfortunately remained unanswered until now. It’s difficult to navigate this alone let alone communicate with everyone I should be and for that I deeply apologize. I have created this website to provide all the information I am willing to openly discuss and many different ways to help our family. Please feel free to share, Wrigley isn’t coming home until we get loud….and I’m done being quiet. Please help bring my son home.”