Russian МЗКТ-79221 ICBM— WikiCC  

Reuters: Russia warns United States: the end of nuclear arms control may be nigh 

LONDON (Reuters) -Russia told the United States on Monday that the last remaining pillar of bilateral nuclear arms control could expire in 2026 without a replacement due to what it said were U.S. efforts to inflict “strategic defeat” on Moscow in Ukraine. 

Both Russia and the United States still have vast arsenals of nuclear weapons which are currently partially limited by the 2011 New START Treaty, which in 2021 was extended until 2026. 

What comes after Feb. 4, 2026, however, is unclear, though Washington has indicated it wants to reach a follow-on agreement with Russia. 

Asked if Moscow could envisage there being no nuclear arms control treaty after 2026, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the RIA state new agency: “This is quite a possible scenario.”  

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Update: The Last Existing U.S.-Russia Nuclear Treaty Could Soon Fail (VICE)  

WNU Editor: The last thing that the world needs right now is another nuclear arms buildup. But if the START Treaty is not renewed and/or updated with a new nuclear arms control agreement, you can take this to the bank, a nuclear arms buildup will be the result. 

Update: The US is accusing Russia of already violating START …. US says Russia is violating key nuclear arms control agreement (CNN). More here …. US accuses Russia of violating nuclear treaty – media (RT).