Last Updated on February 20, 2023

Conservative activist and Congressional candidate Laura Loomer is calling out Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and her close ally, GOP establishment Speaker Kevin McCarthy, for their failure to release the complete footage of the January 6th demonstrations to the public, after promising to do so throughout the 2022 midterms and Speakership campaign.

After running for Speaker of the House on the promise that he’d release all of the previously unreleased footage of the January 6th demonstrations against election fraud to the general public, Kevin McCarthy went back on his word, exclusively providing the footage to Fox News and Tucker Carlson, where it’s being curated before it’s shown to the American People. This, is as Kevin McCarthy and his allies, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, continue to allow non-violent January 6th demonstrators to languish away in a DC prison, which has unaffectionately been dubbed a gulag by its prisoners and their supporters.

In all, over 41,000 hours of previously unreleased video footage from US Capitol security cameras, documenting the brutal and illegal actions of Capitol Police officers, and likely blowing the lid off of the corporate media/uni-party narrative of the January 6th demonstrations exists.

Under McCarthy’s footage release plans, the documentation of the actual January 6th events is considered a “national security risk” and J6 defendants who want access to the footage will have to request it from their Congressman.

“There are grifters and liars that our base believe. Unfortunately,” Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who broke with the America First wing of the GOP to support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker, tweeted on Sunday night. MTG though was not referring to Kevin McCarthy, who lied to the American People and members of Congress about releasing the footage. Instead, she was referring to the conservative activists, like Laura Loomer, who have fought for the public release of the footage and the liberation of J6 prisoners.

“‘Our base,’” Loomer tweeted to MTG.

“What base is that @repmtg?” Loomer asked in tweet form. “The MAGA Base you sold out when you got on your knees for McCarthy and shilled for him despite his disgusting attacks on America First, pro-Trump candidates who he sabotaged w/ stolen FTX funds?”

“You’re a JEZEBEL,” Loomer went on, hitting at MTG’s relationship with Kevin McCarthy.

“You abandoned the base!” she tweeted.

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Included in Loomer’s response to MTG was the mega-viral, exclusive National File report linking Kevin McCarthy to the FTX scandal by way of his own campaign finance disclosures, and previous corporate media reports that shined a light on his misdoings. Throughout the 2022 midterms, McCarthy did indeed use FTX money to attack America First candidates, like Laura Loomer, who made defending J6 political prisoners a centerpiece of her Congressional campaign in the State of Florida.

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