Former President Donald Trump had a court day on Tuesday as part of the continual ridiculous lawfare against him. You can check out some of that in my colleague Susie Moore’s piece on the “hush money” case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. 


Now after a day dealing with that, you might think that Trump would want to go and decompress somewhere to get the ugliness out of his head. And in a way, Trump did. Because for Trump, it seems decompressing involves going out and embracing the people. 

Trump decided to go to Harlem to visit the bodega where Jose Alba, a worker, had been charged with murder when he defended himself from attack. The charges were dropped after the public backlash. Alba testified before the House last year about DA Alvin Bragg’s performance. The owner of the store said he was going to tell Trump that the city was no longer safe. He said, “I have never voted, because I’ve been working, but this time I will. We need Donald Trump back in the White House because he’s a strong guy,” 

Trump also met with Francisco Marte, a small business advocate and president of New York’s Bodega and Small Business Association. Marte said he was grateful for Trump’s support both of small businesses and of “law and order” — but noted his group does not endorse political candidates as a rule.

Trump was greeted with cheers and the chant of “Four more years!”


Can you imagine Joe Biden moving around this way and freewheeling with the public like this? He praises a little boy in this one where he says he’s “going to be a movie star.” Notice no sniffing, just a fun, full-of-energy exchange.

Trump said he stood with the police, and they were going to “straighten out New York.” 

He wades in to greet the police as the people chant, “Trump, Trump, Trump!” 


So let’s compare that to the Bidens. 

Joe Biden earlier in Pennsylvania:

Jill Biden doesn’t even know how to pronounce “bodega,” and she thinks she can pander by talking about “breakfast tacos.” 

It’s not even close.