Good morning and welcome
to a new week on the campaign trail, with just 24 days to go until the general election.

Pledges, pledges and more pledges will be the theme of the next few days, with the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats all slated to unveil their manifestos.

(What is a manifesto? In brief, an outline of what a party plans to do if it forms the next government. These are not iron-clad promises, and can be changed or scrapped. But more on that shortly.)

No pressure, then, for Sir Ed Davey, whose party will be launching its manifesto today, with a headline pledge to allocate £9bn to “save health and care services”.

What about the others? The Conservative manifesto is expected to include a promise to recruit 8,000 new police officers over the next three years, while a pledge to create 100,000 new childcare places will appear in Labour’s.

Elsewhere today, the Tories will be hoping to move the conversation on after a weekend dominated by Rishi Sunak’s decision to leave events for the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy early last week.

And the prime minister will face Nick Robinson later today as part of a series of leaders’ interviews for BBC Panorama.

On the ground, the parties are out campaigning today – and you can read all the latest developments on this page.

Settle in and stay with us.