You can always count on high-profile leftists to exploit tragedies to further their political agenda. In this episode, Chasten Buttigieg, the husband of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, lashed out at Chaya Raichik, who operates the Libs of TikTok X account, and a superintendent at an Oklahoma school over the death of a transgender high school student.


During a recent gathering held by the Human Rights Campaign, Buttigieg discussed the tragic death of Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old transgender student from Owasso High School in Oklahoma, who passed away the day after she got into a fight with other students. The precise cause of her death has not yet been determined, but according to the autopsy, it was not because of trauma.

During the event, Buttigieg slammed the Oklahoma school system and Raichik for supposedly making the environment unsafe for transgender students. “The role of an educator extends beyond the classroom,” he said. “It’s about ensuring every student feels seen, heard, and valued for who they are.”

He then criticized the hiring of individuals like Raichik, who was appointed to the state advisory committee in January.

“Many, many adults failed Nex, especially the state superintendent who has made repeated efforts to parrot anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and famously hiring openly anti-LGBTQ people to prominent positions, including Libs of TikTok, who, as last time I checked, doesn’t live in the state of Oklahoma and doesn’t even hold a degree in library science or education,” Buttigieg said. “Placing individuals who have openly attacked LGBTQ+ rights in positions that influence educational policy sends a dangerous message. It undermines the very foundation of what education should be—a place of safety, growth, and inclusivity.”


In a post on X, Buttigieg repeated his criticism, saying that Raichik “isn’t qualified for her appointed government position.”

Raichik, in a post on X, clapped back at Buttigieg, showing a video in which he led small children in pledging allegiance to the Pride flag.

It is unclear if the altercation was related to the heartbreaking death of Benedict. 

On Wednesday, Owasso Police were called to Bailey Medical Center by the parent of a 16-year-old Owasso High School student.

After officers arrived, the parent reported that her child had been involved in a physical altercation at the high school before the end of school that day.

No report of the fight was made to police prior to the parent at the high school. A school resource officer who responded to the hospital, took down information about the alleged incident.

On Thursday, police were made aware that the student was rushed back to the hospital this evening where they were pronounced dead.

It’s not known at this time if the latest medical incident is related to the alleged altercation or not.


Text messages exchanges between Benedict and family members from the hospital detailing what happened to her the day before surfaced in later reports.

It shows Benedict messaged saying “I got jumped at school 3 on 1 had to go to the ER”.

After being asked if they’re OK, it shows Benedict replying that they were all good but with some scrapes and bruises. Benedict also said “If I’m dizzy or nauseous in the morning I might have a concussion”.

Benedict is then asked “Why did they jump you?”

Benedict’s reply said “They had been bullying me and my friends and I got tired of it so I poured some water on them and all 3 came after me” and goes on to say the “School did not report to the police”.

According to a statement released by the school district gives a timeline of the events leading to Benedict’s demise. It notes that school officials broke up the fight, which occurred in the restroom. It indicated that there was no need for an ambulance, but still recommended medical examination on Benedict. It also indicated that the students were subjected to disciplinary actions.

Buttigieg’s disgusting exploitation of Benedict’s fate is par for the course with folks on the far left. He could have simply raised questions about Raichik being appointed to such a position without using the death of a student to inflame the situation. Unfortunately, folks like him are more concerned with using the tragedy to push a message than they are with what the actual facts are.