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Former England skipper Joe Root has been speaking to our friends at the BBC while they and we wait for this weather to clear.

He says all England needs is time.


“We just need to get some time out there really,” Root said.

I thought it was a good effort yesterday and it was a shame we didn’t get more chance to play and get more overs but that is how it goes.

“If we get an opportunity today, we’ve just got to throw everything at it.

“We’ve been exceptional in this game and it would be a shame if we didn’t get a chance to push for the win.”

He said it was “frustrating” that the seam bowlers were not allowed to bowl yesterday, but it was not something they could do anything about.

“The light is out of our control. We can only manage what we can,” he says.

“With how the seamers have bowled it would be great to see them bowl and have the opportunity to show their threat. But the ball is turning at the same time so there is always going to be a chance to take wickets.”

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And what of the slow over rate, with both England and Australia really struggling with getting their overs bowled in time.

“It doesn’t get dark here in England until 10pm in the summer, why can’t we just play until we bowl the overs?

“There’s been a lot of chat about not bowling the overs. There are so many different ways of trying to find opportunities to get as much play in as possible.

“At every opportunity at every stage you should be looking to find ways to get the Test on.

“We batted in worse conditions at Edgbaston, but that is cricket.

“You just want consistency in those conditions.”