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This article was reposted and translated from EL OCCIDENTAL

The seizure was made in the port of Colima.

Edgardo Zamora | El Occidental
Manzanillo, Colima (OEM-Informex) – In Manzanillo, 5,400 kilos of methamphetamine were seized in bottles of artisanal mezcal.
The seizure was made in the port of Colima and was carried out by the Secretariat of the Navy in coordination with Manzanillo Customs.
The seizure was the result of an inspection of a container alerted of transporting illicit cargo on a Liberian-flagged vessel bound for Australia.
Inside the container, 7,200 bottles of artisanal mezcal were found, with a gross weight of 9,440 kilograms.
As a result, the merchandise was examined by a chemical identification system and a canine binomial trained to detect drugs.
Subsequently, samples were taken to be sent to the Pharmacology and Toxicology Laboratory of the Secretariat of the Navy for analysis, which was confirmed as “positive” for methamphetamine.
Approximately 5,400 kilos of drugs were secured and will be handed over to the competent authorities for the integration of the corresponding investigation folder.
It is worth mentioning that during this year, the Secretary of the Navy, through the Mexican Navy, has seized approximately 124,400 kilos of methamphetamine.