Last Updated on February 14, 2023

A prominent Democrat representative within the Michigan legislature attacked those who offered “thoughts and prayers” for those affected by the mass shooting at Michigan State University.

Ranjeev Puri, the majority leader within the Michigan House, released an inflammatory statement Tuesday morning after a 43-year-old black man carried out a shooting on Michigan State University’s (MSU) campus, killing three students.

Puri began his statement by saying, “F**k your thoughts and prayers,” before echoing calls for gun control.

The Michigan rep. claimed that “going to school in America, whether its pre-school or college, means risking your life every day to the threat of a mass shooting.”

“Yet all we have offered up are empty solutions — traumatizing active shooter drills and bulletproof backpacks,” he added, failing to mention MSU’s campus was a gun-free zone.

The MSU shooter appears to be 43-year-old, Anthony McRae. MSU Police claimed McRae had no affiliation with the school and the shooter’s motive is unknown. “We can confirm that the 43-year-old suspect had no affiliation to the university. He was not a student, faculty, staff, current or previous,” MSU Police Deputy Chief Chris Rozman said in a Tuesday press conference.

“What we’re trying to understand is why this incident occurred. I know everybody wants to know what the motive is. We don’t have an answer right now. And that’s the honest truth,” Rozman added.

When confronted by police after an hours-long manhunt, McRae shot himself in the head, dying soon thereafter.

One political influencer, Robby Starbuck, claimed the suspected shooter was a convicted felon that illegally possessed the weapon used in the attack.

“Inconvenient reality for the gun control crowd: The MSU shooter was a convicted felon named Anthony McRae so it was illegal for him to have a gun at all. He did this with a handgun, not an AR-15. He was previously convicted for breaking a gun law. Criminals don’t follow gun laws,” Starbuck said in a tweet.

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