Last Updated on August 9, 2023

Laura Loomer exposed Ron DeSantis’ new campaign manager James Uthmeier as an anti-Trump globalist with ties to sketchy public-private business dealings. The hiring of Uthmeier falls right into line with the hirings of other globalists who’ve been hitched to the DeSantis campaign.

In her first tweet, Loomer exposed that it was James Uthmeier who played a key role in Senator Ben Sasse’s appointment to become the University of Florida’s president.

The tweet read, “When Anti-Trump and pro Impeachment US Senator @BenSasse left the US Senate, it was @JamesUthmeierFL (then DeSantis’s chief of staff and now his campaign manager) who pushed for Sasse to become the new President of University of Florida, which had to be approved by the Florida Board of Governors.”

Sasse has a horrific history of attacking Donald Trump with lies. Sasse called Republican Senators who objected on January 6th “dumb asses.” Sasse voted to impeach Trump and then announced his retirement. Shortly after his retirement announcement, Sasse was hired to become the University of Florida’s president.

So Ron DeSantis’ top guy hired a pro-Trump impeachment Senator to run Florida’s largest university. The writing is clearly on the wall; Team DeSantis has been planning to use J6 against Trump for quite some time.

Loomer also exposed Uthmeier’s sketchy public-private partnership deals tweeting, “James Uthmeier, @RonDeSantis’s new campaign manager is a crook, and he should be in jail for illegally mixing official taxpayer aid business with political campaigning.”

Loomer continued, “As the Governor’s official Governor’s office chief of staff, James Uthmeier helped raise over $423,042 for DeSantis’s presidential campaign in the hours after Ron’s May 24 launch by pressuring lobbyists, telling them they wouldn’t get access to the Governor anymore unless they donated to DeSantis. That is highly illegal. Shows you that on @TeamDeSantis, TRASH really does rise to the top.”

Key DeSantis advisor Paul Ryan should be extremely pleased with DeSantis’ latest hire. With each hire, DeSantis shows his true globalist colors.