There’s an old Twitter expression, “There’s always a tweet.” 

Well, one of those just came for Joe Biden, in yet another example of what an absolute hypocrite he is. 


Here’s what Joe Biden tweeted back on Feb. 2, 2019, after the Governor Ralph Northam scandal about whether Northam was the guy in the “black face or KKK costume” broke. 

But guess who will be headlining the Biden/Harris campaign office opening in Virginia Beach on Sunday? 

I guess five years passing means that Northam has moral authority again for Joe, now that he might help Biden and Harris with their campaign endeavors. Just forget all about that blackface/KKK thing. But perhaps Joe should make sure that Northam doesn’t wear anything racist to the event. 

It seemed even in 2021, Biden was cool with his “pal” Northam, as well. 


Of course, given Biden’s past history of racist comments, perhaps this is completely in line. 

This can’t help him in his effort to win back black voters who have been fleeing him, some of whom are going to former President Donald Trump. 

This also raises more questions about if Virginia is in play, as some have been speculating, if they have to go to any effort to try to defend it like this. A new poll seems to show that Virginia is very much in play, and has Biden up by only one point:

It’s a small poll, of 500 registered voters. But it’s within the margin of error, and it has D+4, so the Biden team has to worry when Biden’s official numbers in Virginia in 2020 had him up by 10. That’s likely why we’re seeing a new office opening; they’re looking at these numbers, and they know they’re going to have to put in time there. 


Add that to the question of Biden now having to think about Minnesota too, and you have to think his campaign is in trouble. No Republican has won in Minnesota since 1972, yet now it’s a question. Trump seems to be making states that weren’t considered “battleground states” now in play again. 

Looks like the Biden ship is leaking in every direction, and he’s not sure which way to turn at this point. 


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