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Al Jazeera: Niger coup leaders accuse French forces of destabilising the country 

Coup leaders say French forces freed ‘captured terrorists’ and breached airspace ban, as France denies all allegations. 

Coup leaders in Niger have accused French forces of freeing captured “terrorists” and breaching a ban on the country’s air space in an attempt to destabilise Niger, as France promptly rejected the allegations. 

Soldiers from the country’s presidential guard seized power and detained President Mohammad Bazoum on July 26, triggering international condemnation and the threat of a military incursion by neighbouring West African nations. The coup leaders closed Nigerien air space on Sunday and have warned against any foreign intervention.  

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Update #1: Niger junta accuses France of violating airspace, freeing terrorists — AFP

Update #2: Niger accuses France of releasing captured militants on eve of key summit — The National  

WNU Editor: My gut tells me that France in the coming weeks/months will intervene in Niger to remove the generals, but they will do so behind a token ECOWAS intervention force.