One of my favorite subjects to cover is Hollywood and its plethora of left-wingers, who pontificate on a variety of issues about which they know absolutely zero. In today’s example, we turn to the noted federal spending expert, actor Valerie Bertinelli for her “super simplistic” explanation of the debt ceiling debate.

If I were a snobby wordsmith — ahem — I’d refer to Ms. Bertinelli as an ultracrepidarian, but then you’d have to look up the term, and I don’t want to waste your time on something so trivial. OK, fine. An ultracrepidarian is a person who embraces ultracrepidarianism, but let’s move on. [winking emoji]

Anyway, as Joe Biden and the Democrats, and Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans continue the battle over raising the debt ceiling, Bertinelli — who gained fame for her role in “One Day at a Time,” the CBS sitcom which first aired in 1975 — apparently believes it is her public duty to come forward and ‘splain the complex debt ceiling issue in “super simplistic terms.” Ready?

In super simplistic terms, the debt ceiling is like your credit card bill coming at the end of the month. And the Republicans, who helped run up that bill (tax breaks for billionaires i.e. no revenue) now want to NOT pay the nations [sic] credit card bill AND blame Democrats for it.

Oh, my. Where does one begin?

First of all, it’s clear that Bertinelli is way out over her skis. At the risk of straying too far from Valerie’s “super simplistic” explanation, let’s back up the bus, a bit.

A hardworking American with credit card debt doesn’t continually borrow more and more money from the credit card company while only paying the interest, if that — and interest payments aren’t one of the borrower’s highest expenses. In the case of the national debt service, interest payments amounted to roughly $475 billion in fiscal 2022, with a “credit card” balance of just under $32 trillion.

Moreover, the hardworking American’s credit card company doesn’t continually raise the card’s spending limit, while the borrower struggles to make only the interest payments. Toss in Joe Biden and Democrats spending your money like drunken sailors, while doing their damnedest to increase the national debt when they figure they’ve tapped you out — for now, that is — and you begin to understand the predicament.

Secondly, Bertinelli’s selective outrage, pointing to Republicans, and the long-worn-out canard about “tax breaks for billionaires” she parroted, while ignoring Democrat boondoggles like Biden’s ill-fated attempt to “forgive” (transfer to people who didn’t contractually agree to repay) student loan debt, spending $350 million to house, feed, and transport illegal aliens, or shipping more than $75 billion (and counting) in aid to Ukraine to fund its never-ending war against Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s forces.

The list goes on — as do Democrat demands for an ever-increasing amount of taxpayer money and an ever-rising national debt ceiling.

I don’t know about you guys, but I say Biden and McCarthy should just turn the whole damn thing over to Valerie Bertinelli and let her fix it — in simplistic terms, of course.

Or maybe Kamala Harris, Biden’s border czar, and stuff. Oh, wait— Kamala’s now heading up Biden’s Artificial Intelligence team.

Man, the jokes just keep writing themselves, don’t they? I’m out.