It’s incredible to watch the mainstream press debase themselves day after day, never sensing the slightest need for introspection. That’s how you get Jamaal Bowman appearing on MSNBC as some kind of authority on Israel, spreading gross antisemitic nonsense with no pushback whatsoever. 


For those unacquainted with Bowman, he’s the same guy who recently pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for pulling a fire alarm in the Capitol Building. While he hasn’t admitted it directly, the circumstances dictate that he did it purposefully to try to delay an important vote on the House floor. Video evidence exists to further back that assumption up. 

While speaking to MSNBC host Alex Wagner, Bowman claimed that Israel does not allow people through checkpoints based on whether they are “Jewish” or not. 

To be clear, what Bowman is saying is patently false. It is a continuation of the antisemitic trope that Israel is an “apartheid state” which bars non-Jews from receiving certain rights. In reality, religion and Judaism have zero to do with anything. Israel’s population is 20 percent Arab, and they have all the same rights and freedom of movement. It’s a variation of the lie Candace Owens recently told that Muslims must live in “Muslim quarters” in parts of Jerusalem. 

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Perhaps my favorite part of that clip, though, is Wagner just sitting there and nodding along. There are two possibilities there. Either she’s as idiotic and vapid as Bowman himself, or she actively chose to allow antisemitic garbage to be spewed on her show because she agrees with it. To not offer any correction of such ridiculous nonsense from a congressional member speaks magnitudes about what MSNBC is. Recall this is the same network that put on a bunch of pro-Hamas talking heads in the immediate aftermath of the October 7th attacks, drawing backlash. 


But don’t worry, guys. NBC News is really concerned about antisemitism. 

Moving on to the bonus round, Bowman also trashed Joe Biden, claiming that he’s losing black support because of a lack of federal government payoffs. 

You almost have to respect the hustle. Bowman is just so shameless in everything that comes out of his mouth. He’s a walking billboard against reparations, given anything he’s for should be summarily dismissed with prejudice.