As RedState reported on Thursday, NYPD officers finally moved in to shut down a pro-Hamas “encampment” at Columbia University. The supposed protesters had been chanting offering outright support to the terrorist group while illegally occupying the area, including giving “honor” to “all the martyrs.”


Now we are starting to get more details and pictures of what transpired along with reactions, and it’s safe to say the hysterical crying has begun.

READ: Pro-Hamas Protests at Columbia Turn Violent Resulting in Multiple Arrests

Videos shared by my colleague Jeff Charles earlier showed police clashing with protesters and things turning violent. Numerous arrests were made while others were suspended, including Rep. Ilhan Omar’s activist daughter. She has responded by crying foul.

Welcome to the real world, Isra. You don’t always get warnings before the hammer drops, especially when your behavior strays into illegality. She’s lucky she wasn’t among those arrested and hauled off to jail as that seemed to be reserved for those who got violent with responding officers. 


As we’ve seen over and over, these pro-Hamas simps are nothing if they aren’t spoiled, entitled brats unable to understand cause and effect. That means the tears were flowing in the aftermath. 

Man, is that good stuff. More of this please, as it’s the only way to reestablish some sense of order. If you illegally take over an area of a college campus and refuse to leave, you should have your junk thrown in an alleyway. These pro-Hamas lunatics should be thankful Columbia didn’t set it all on fire. 

Unfortunately, I fear this response by the authorities wasn’t tough enough to deter the chaos long-term, though. Some posted smiling selfies after being suspended (I believe that is Omar’s daughter on the right) while others pledged to return.

Suspensions aren’t enough in situations like this. Expulsion is required along with charges actually being filed, otherwise, they’ll just wait out their punishment and go right back to breaking the school’s rules and the law. 


As I write this, a large crowd has gathered outside the jail waiting for the pro-terror supporters to be released. That’s how sure they are that no real consequences will be handed out.

What Columbia University and the NYPD did was a nice start, but they have to go further or this will continue. When people blatantly and repeatedly break the law, they should be charged and prosecuted. To continue to make token arrests that just result in releases later in the day is not a sufficient deterrent.