Defense News: Pentagon fails sixth audit, with number of passing grades stagnant 

WASHINGTON — For the sixth year in a row, the Pentagon failed its annual audit. 

The result is not a surprise. The Department of Defense’s assets are vast and decentralized, amounting to $3.8 trillion alongside $4 trillion in liabilities. These are located in all 50 states and more than 4,500 sites around the world. 

 Since the Pentagon began auditing itself in 2018 — the last department to do so after Congress required the practice across the government in 1990 — it’s solved some of its easiest accounting problems. Now change each year is more incremental. 

If there’s change at all, that is — last year, auditors only rated seven of the nearly 30 sub-audits as clean. This year too there were seven.  

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WNU Editor: Why am I not surprised. 

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