The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy’s submarine force has made “historic breakthroughs in torpedo and missile capabilities”, Global Times reported, citing a report by China Central Television (CCTV).”Now, the country’s submarine force development comprises both nuclear-powered and conventional boats, with nuclear-powered being the main focus,” said Wen Xuexing, a captain at a submarine detachment of the PLA Navy.”We have achieved historic breakthroughs in terms of maritime verifications on our torpedo attacks and missile attacks. This means that our combat capabilities are stronger, we can reach regions farther away, and we are more confident in our missions,” Wen added.Dr. David Oualaalou, an international geopolitical consultant, author, veteran and former international security analyst in Washington, DC joined Sputnik’s The Critical Hour on Wednesday to discuss the PLA Navy’s developments. The hosts and their guest also discussed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent visit to North Korea during which he signed a security agreement with Kim Jong Un.Submarine developments are typically kept private for any navy, but a small amount of leaked information can serve as a deterrence, a Chinese military expert told the Global Times.“In other words, we don’t need the dollar anymore. North Korea will fall into that category of doing trade and North Korea has some things that other countries will be interested in, such as the missile technology, which, by the way, was provided to them by the Russian, Soviet Union,” the analyst said, adding that while Russia will assist North Korea militarily, China could potentially be an economic partner of North Korea.Sputnik’s Garland Nixon then asked the show’s guest for his thoughts on Russia “utilizing [its] legacy of goodwill in Africa” as a way to return to alliances in that continent which are of “great value to BRICS”.“What Western media is limiting in disclosing the truth so the people here in the West will not know, is that the Russians have forgiven about $28 billion of debt to African nations,” said Oualaalou. “[Russia said], you know what? We’re going to forgive this $28 billion in debt and we’ll move forward. So Russia’s relations with the Africans is moving in the right direction, the same way with the Chinese, given the infrastructure they’re doing in Africa.”A recent report published to Mondoweiss claims that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is spearheading a campaign of “deception” regarding the war in Israel. During an interview with Al Jazeera, Blinken claimed the proposal that US President Biden “laid out 12 days ago” is virtually identical to one that Hamas accepted on May 6.But the report notes that at the time, the US said that Hamas had not accepted the proposal. Not only that, but Biden’s plan suggests that if Israel decides Hamas is not negotiating “in good faith” it can resume its military strikes at the approval of the US. Biden’s plan also says Israel can free many, but not all of their hostages.“In essence, Israel wants a deal that frees the hostages and also allows it to ‘finish the job.’ Hamas, quite reasonably, wants the slaughter and siege to end, Israel to withdraw, and reconstruction to immediately commence,” the report writes.“And, second, should that ever happen that the US will not take the credit for saying, ‘oh, we are the ones that achieved the ceasefire when in reality, it is not’. So, the Chinese understand this reality. The Russians understand this reality and the US, this is why Tony Blinken said what he said. It’s to divert from this reality and mislead the masses into thinking that the US is willing to do this ceasefire when in reality it is none of that,” the analyst added.