Soldiers march to position during an anti-invasion drill on the beach during the annual Han Kuang military drill in Tainan, Taiwan, September 14, 2021

Taiwan News: Majority of Taiwanese would defend nation if China attacks 

Poll shows 71.9% of Taiwanese willing to fight if China attempts to annex 

Taiwan TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A majority of Taiwanese are willing to defend Taiwan if China uses force against the nation, according to a Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TDF) released on Friday (Dec. 30). 

If China attacks because Taiwan declares independence, 63.8% of respondents said they were willing to fight, while 27.8 % were unwilling to take action. 

However, if China invades Taiwan to annex it, 71.9% of respondents say they were willing to fight, while 19.3% refused to defend the nation. 

The survey polled adults aged 20 and over in Taiwan, excluding Kinmen and Matsu, and was conducted from May 18-23, 2022. Altogether, 825 and 439 effective samples were completed via telephones and mobile phones, respectively. The maximum sampling error is plus or minus 2.76%.  

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