Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Pope Benedict XVI has posthumously released a book called “What Christianity Is.”

In Benedict’s book, which was publicized after his Dec. 31 death, the late pontiff reportedly criticized progressive aspects of modern-day Catholicism and claimed various seminaries are accepting of pornography usage and homosexual relations, which contrasts with basic Catholic teaching.

While Benedict did not “name names,” the former Pope alleged there are bishops who have allowed seminarians to view pornographic material “presumably with the intention of rendering them capable of resisting behaviours contrary to the faith.”

Benedict, a well-respected author, also said some of his authored books are even banned at certain seminaries. “In not a few seminaries, students caught reading my books are considered unworthy for the priesthood. My books are concealed as dangerous literature and are read only in hiding.”

The former Pope seemed demoralized by the growing progressiveness within the Catholic Church. “For my part, in life, I no longer want to publish anything. The fury of the circles against me in Germany is so strong that the appearance of every my word immediately causes a murderous shouting from them. I want to spare myself and Christendom this,” Pope Benedict stated.

Taking aim at the United States seminaries, Benedict wrote that “homosexual clubs operate more or less openly” in the current Church.

“In various seminaries homosexual ‘clubs’ were formed which acted more or less openly and which clearly transformed the atmosphere in seminaries.”

Criticizing current bishops within the Church, Benedict said many have “rejected the Catholic tradition as a whole, aiming in their dioceses to develop a kind of new, modern catholicity.”

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