Last Updated on December 12, 2022

A Qatari photographer died suddenly while covering the World Cup in his home nation on Saturday. Khalid al-Misslam’s death comes just days after prominent U.S. soccer reporter Grant Wahl passed away unexpectedly while covering the tournament.

Khalid al-Misslam, a photojournalist for local sports outlet Al Kass TV, died on Saturday, the Doha-based Gulf Times reported.

“Al-Misslam, a Qatari, died suddenly while covering the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. We believe in Allah’s mercy and forgiveness for him, and send our deepest condolences to his family,” the Gulf Times wrote in a tweet.

The circumstances of al-Misslam’s death remain unclear as of this time.

The tragic news comes just days after prominent U.S. soccer journalist Grant Wahl died after collapsing at the Lusail Stadium while covering a match between The Netherlands and Argentina. Witnesses said Wahl collapsed back into his seat, received medical attention on site, and was then rushed to a hospital via ambulance.

It is unclear whether he died at the stadium or enroute to the hospital. Wahl’s unexpected death came one day after he revealed that he had visited the medical clinic and was told that he most likely had bronchitis. CBS News reported that a heart attack is currently the suspected cause of death, though an autopsy will be performed now that Wahl’s body has arrived in the United States.

His brother, Eric, speculated that Grant was murdered due to his outspoken criticisms of the Qatari government. Wahl was previously barred from the stadium after he wore a pro-LGBTQ t-shirt that depicted a soccer ball wrapped in a rainbow flag.

“I am the reason he wore the rainbow shirt to the world cup. I do not believe my brother just died, I believe he was killed,” Eric Wahl said in a now deleted video statement, according to the Daily Mail.

Eric Wahl explained why he deleted the video in a Twitter thread on December 11, writing, “To clarify, Grant was a healthy person in his regular life. I know he’d been under the weather recently & that he was told it was bronchitis & given medication. I’m aware of his posts about feeling like his body shut down. He was a workaholic & had used that phrase before w me (body shut down) just as a general indication that he needed to take a break & get some rest, so I didn’t immediately feel worried. Please allow me some grace for the emotional video I posted while I was still in shock.”

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