Last Updated on August 16, 2023

A petition to restore the Washington Redskins team name has gone mega-viral online and is garnering hundreds of thousands of signatures as momentum builds to get rid of the Washington, DC-based NFL team’s despised new monicker of Commanders. The Commanders name debuted last season after the team spent two years playing as the “Washington Football Team” due to ex-owner Dan Snyder’s groveling to radical leftists and their corporate allies, who demanded the name be changed after the completely unrelated death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The petition calling on Commanders’ ownership to “change the Washington Commanders back to the Washington Redskins” has received more than 100,000 signatures as of the morning of Wednesday, August 16th, as the “Reclaim The Name” movement catches fire, and goes mega-viral online.

In spite of claims that the “Redskins” name is racist, the petition effort is being led by a group of American Indians, called NAGA, the Native American Guardians Association, who contend that the name, which was supported by 90% of American Indians according to multiple polls, does not deride, but honors, American Indian history and the spirit of Indian warriors.

“We, are passionate supporters of the Washington Redskins and its rich history,” the petition reads. “We write to you today as a collective voice, urging you to reconsider the recent name change from the Redskins to the Commanders. We believe that restoring the original name, the Redskins, is the right decision for the team, its loyal fanbase, and the legacy it represents.”

Explaining the rich history and legacy of the Washington Redskins and the cohesiveness of the team’s dedicated fanbase, which extends far beyond Washington, DC, the petition goes on to say that “The name ‘Commanders’ fails to capture the essence, tradition, and historical weight associated with the Redskins.”

“It lacks the uniqueness, emotional connection, and pride that our team’s original name embodies. The change to ‘Commanders’ dilutes our team’s identity and weakens the connection with its devoted fanbase. By restoring the Redskins name, we reinstate a symbol of unity, strength, and shared identity that has inspired generations of fans.”


Redskins Petition

The mega-viral petition comes on the heels of the Washington Commanders (Redskins) being sold to Josh Harris, who purchased the team, along with a minority-ownership group of investors, from Dan Snyder, the unpopular former owner of the franchise who changed the team’s name after vowing for years that he’d never do so.

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Since Harris’ arrival in Washington, the community has been abuzz with rumors that the team’s name will indeed be changed once again, whether or not it actually reverts back to Redskins, or is changed to something else that still offers a tip of the hat to the team’s history.

This belief has been emboldened under multiple circumstances in recent weeks and days, like when Washington’s head coach, Ron Rivera, spoke to the media and was asked by a reporter what he makes of people “using the old team name,” something that the reporter said has increased “since new ownership took over.”

“Mr. Harris and that ownership group talked extensively about bringing back the glory,” Rivera told reporters.

“It’s hard to escape it, it really is,” he went on, adding that when the Redskins name is used, it’s used with the “utmost respect” for American Indians.

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