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#1 – Hamas Cries Uncle, Makes Desperate Hostage Offer — by Bonchie 

It’s not known exactly how connected the underground Hamas array is, but given the difficulty and expense of building tunnels, it is likely that the northern portions do not connect directly with the southern portions. That means that the clock is ticking on Hamas fighters now stuck in Northern Gaza. IDF troops are methodically making their way through the area, and it’s just a matter of time before each and every tunnel is discovered and destroyed. 

A five-day pause would give Hamas the cover to exit those tunnels and retrench in the South, where most of the civilians are now located. In other words, it would simply play into the hands of terrorists who use women and children as human shields, causing even more death and suffering in the long run.

#2 – Must-Watch: IDF Dog Allegedly Nails Hamas Terrorists in Tunnel With Satisfying Ending — by Nick Arama

But the IDF also has another effective method of hunting down terrorists in the tunnels: the IDF “Good Boy” patrol.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s spokesperson Ofir Gendelman posted a video on Saturday that our sister site Townhall found showing how the dogs are used. It shows a very good boy allegedly nailing his prey. Extra feel-good bonus points for making the terrorists scream.

#3 – Republicans Aren’t Tired of Losing Yet — by Bonchie

With that said, we can’t talk about incompetence without returning to the broader party dynamics. Republicans once again got absolutely trounced in spending and get-out-the-vote infrastructure. The only contest where the GOP wasn’t outspent was in Mississippi, and it took every dollar there to ensure it didn’t go to a runoff. We are talking about one of the most conservative states in the union.

Are Republican voters going to care?

To be frank, I doubt it. Despite some on the margins like myself begging the GOP to make big changes following the 2022 election, it didn’t happen. Why should I expect that to happen now? Failure is rewarded in the Republican Party. It juices fundraising for a select few. It gets more engagement on social media. It produces the dopamine hit of victimhood that Republicans have become addicted to in lieu of, you know, actually winning elections.



#4 – BREAKING: Nashville Transgender Shooter’s Manifesto Leaked, Huge Revelations on Motive (Updated) — by Bonchie

This would seem to confirm that the shooting occurred due to ideological hatred towards the children who attended it. Hale reportedly resented her devout Christian family and the fact that they wouldn’t affirm her “identity” as transgender. The anti-white racism is a new detail, though, and sheds more light on the motive behind the deadly attack. 

Also included in the manifesto was a complicated timeline that included her eating breakfast. It’s a small detail, but it stood out in my reading of the document. To schedule something so normal right before going to murder children certainly strikes me as psychotic. 

It appears that these three pages are not the totality of the manifesto. There could be even more written down that points to the shooter’s state of mind and further clarifies her motives.


#5 – ‘Don’t Look Away’: Israel Releases Video of Hamas Atrocities at Music Festival — by Bob Hoge

Why would they post such a thing, and who in their right mind would watch it? 

The reason that it’s important is because it documents to the world the horrors that occurred and proves that this savage terror attack was pure unadulterated evil. As college students and professors across the nation try to equate Israel’s counterattack in Gaza as equivalent to this outrage, and antisemitic members of Congress like Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) try to downplay the attacks, they must be constantly reminded that these Hamas terrorists beheaded babies, burned people alive, and mowed down entire families as if for sport. 

In the case of this music festival, these were mostly young people just enjoying their youth and celebrating life. Massacring them in a surprise attack is far different than Israel chasing down terrorists whose stated goal in life is to kill Jews and wipe Israel off the map.