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Charter 97: Media: Putin Increasingly Uses Armored Train To Move Around Russia  

Outwardly, it is very similar to the usual train. 

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin decided to imitate Kim Jong-in and moved from a plane to an armored train that travels inside the Russian Federation. 

This is stated in the investigation of the Dossier Center. The Russian dictator began to make more active use of the armored train for his trips around Russia in the autumn of 2021, exactly at the time when the occupying army began to prepare for a war against Ukraine. 

Putin travels by armored train to his residences in Valdai and Sochi.  

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Update #1: Putin uses armoured train for security reasons since beginning of war (Ukrayinska Pravda)

Update #2: Instead of flying, Vladimir Putin prefers to travel around Russia by armored train (allegedly for fear of Ukrainian attack) (Meduza)  

WNU Editor: I think he is doing a mix of the two. Train for short distances. Moscow to Sochi for example. Plane for longer distances.