It’s a spectacle liberals are desperately excited to see—former President Donald Trump marched off to serve jail time for allegedly filing business expenses incorrectly. To any logical minds who have been following Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s clown show of a prosecution, the idea that Judge Juan Merchan would sentence the former president to a stint behind bars over a nebulous crime that even prosecutors have been struggling to define is ludicrous—yet the possibility is very real.


What exactly would happen if the jury votes to convict and Merchan sends Trump to jail? The situation would be unprecedented, and officials aren’t exactly sure how things would proceed. 

It’s not the first time the issue has been discussed:

President prisoner:

Trump Behind Bars? Mayor Adams Insists Rikers Island Is ‘Prepared’ to House the Former President

Now CBS News is reporting that the Secret Service—which is bound to protect the former chief executive—has met with local jail authorities to try to figure out how to keep both Trump and the agents assigned to him safe should he find himself locked up.

According to former Manhattan prosecutor Duncan Levin, Trump could be taken into custody on the spot if convicted, forcing officials to think fast:

[Jail time] …is a possibility that officials in state and federal agencies have begun preparing for, according to a New York corrections source, who said the Secret Service has met with local jail officials. As a former president, Trump is entitled to Secret Service protection for the rest of his life, wherever he happens to be. Behind bars, corrections officers would in turn be responsible for protecting those agents assigned to Trump.


Words that should chill the spine of anyone paying attention: “…corrections officers would in turn be responsible for protecting those agents assigned to Trump.” Jeffrey Epstein knows full well just how effective NY jail authorities are at protecting inmates. 

But it’s unclear even where exactly Trump might serve his time:

Where Trump might serve any jail or prison sentence is one of many factors that remains up in the air. Shorter sentences can be served at the city’s Rikers Island Jail Complex, which has two wings that are typically used for high-profile or infamous inmates. (Neither, of course, has ever held someone who comes with his own security detail.)

Officials must have a plan in place, just in case, said Levin.

“He could be remanded on the spot,” Levin said.

The fact that we’re even discussing such an outcome shows just how far Democrats have plunged into immorality in their relentless quest to “get” Trump and rig the 2024 presidential election in Joe Biden’s favor. Can you imagine uttering “America” and “epitome of Democracy” in the same sentence again if his political opponents succeed in jailing him for accounting errors?

If you’ve read coverage of the case, you already know that Judge Merchan is hopelessly biased and that the prosecution did not prove their case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” 


And yet… with a jury full of progressive leftie New York jurors and a conscious-free judge, anything could happen. (My colleagues have consistently pointed out that there are two lawyers on the panel, and one would hope that they had the intelligence and rigor to see through this charade. However, that requires a lot of faith in attorneys, which I’m not so sure I share.)

Merchan has frequently said he did not want to jail Trump when the presumptive GOP nominee kept flouting gag orders and that he did not want to interfere in the election (yeah, right). 

However, he’s also on record saying, “I want you to understand that I will [jail Trump], if necessary and appropriate.” 

Judging by the way he’s handled this trial so far, I don’t have a lot of confidence that he will do the right thing. Let’s hope that the jury sees this as the Soviet-style show trial that it is and acquits Trump so that Merchan never gets a chance at sentencing. 

Stranger things have happened. 

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