Last Updated on January 4, 2023

The Republican establishment appears to be in full-fledged panic mode with no apparent strategy to get Kevin McCarthy over the goal line in the House Speakership race. A strong coalition of conservatives have banded together to vote against McCarthy, currently supporting Byron Donalds of Florida against McCarthy.

RNC chairwoman and Mitt Romney niece Ronna McDaniel drew criticism for her Fox News appearance with Stuart Varney in which she prattled on mindlessly while acknowledging that she has no strategy for getting McCarthy elected besides the closed-door meetings that have been taking place that have failed to cement support for McCarthy. Varney pressed Ronna on strategy and Ronna had nothing substantial.

RINO Dan Crenshaw and other Republican establishment figures have been attacking the anti-McCarthy voting bloc as desperation grows. Conservatives including Matt Gaetz, Chip Roy, and Lauren Boebert have been fighting hard against McCarthy and it is becoming evident after numerous ballots that McCarthy simply does not have enough support currently to break through and win. Even Whoopi Goldberg called for McCarthy to step aside in favor of someone who can actually win the position.

In a press conference Tuesday with Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert, it was revealed that the GOP leadership has threatened to remove the anti-McCarthyites from committees, a common scumbag tactic used by GOP brass.

Now that Byron Donalds has voted for himself, the opposition to McCarthy has an actual candidate who is running for the speaker job. Conservatives are emboldened, and with Tucker Carlson complimenting the happy renegades it looks like the insurgency is amping up.

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