Last Updated on February 20, 2024

Neocon Republican senator Lindsey Graham received a special recognition from the government of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Graham is getting added to Russia’s “terrorists and extremists” list.

The Russian financial monitoring agency Rosfinmonitoring slapped Lindsey onto a list of “terrorists and extremists,” which would likely curtail some of his activities if Graham were to move to Russia. But Graham is unlikely to move to Russia, unfortunately, considering that Lindsey Graham put out an open call to find a “Brutus” (in his words) to assassinate Vladimir Putin.

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Lindsey Graham is basically a lost confused man nowadays. The warhawk Zionist dandy made his bones in the Senate as John McCain’s sidekick. But Graham has to maneuver his way over to President Donald Trump’s side, at least for appearances, because Graham has terrible poll numbers in his own state.

An anonymous senator told The Hill that Lindsey Graham “was supposed to be the guy” to deliver ten Republican votes for the more than $90 billion World War 3 spending bill to fund Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. But then Graham changed course, presumably due to Trumpian pressure or at least pressure from Trump’s anti-interventionist base. Now, peacemakers are peacefully holding Graham politically hostage.

“He got sucked into the Trump orbit, and he is so zealously about his own self-preservation in South Carolina that he literally would push his mother in front of a train to get to where he needs to be. I hate to say it because I actually like him,” said the anonymously quoted senator, according to The Hill.