Last Updated on February 9, 2023

Russia is probing a slew of war crimes that front-line personnel has reported at the hands of Ukrainian forces, including prisoner-of-war executions committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazis and the use of chemical weapons. As the Russo-Ukrainian War drags on, additional reports have emerged that Ukraine is preparing to lower the military enlistment age and deploy child soldiers, much like Nazi Germany did in a shameful, last-ditch effort to stop the allied advance into the Third Reich.

The Investigative Committee of Russia has announced that it’s opening a probe into reports from the Donetsk People’s Republic, a pro-Russia breakaway region of Ukraine, that Ukrainian forces there are deploying chemical weapons, a crime of war banned under the Geneva Protocol. According to the Investigative Committee, the Ukrainians deployed the chemical weapons in Soledar, the sight of one of the war’s bloodiest battles, as well as in nearby Bakhmut.

According to reports from the battlefield, the Ukrainians used drones to deploy the alleged chemical weapons, though it is unclear what type of chemical they may have used.

“As a result, servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces are experiencing a deterioration in their health and characteristic symptoms of poisoning,” the Investigative Committee says.

Fighting has been intense in Donetsk, a region Russia moved to annex after its residents voted to secede from Ukraine. Multiple Ukrainian attacks on the civilian population have been reported there, with Ukrainian artillery pounding shopping centers and town squares, among other locations.

Video: Ukraine Continues Their Shelling of Civilians in Donetsk as Biden Prepares Missile Delivery

The accusation of Ukrainian use of chemical weapons is just the latest in a string of hideous reports from the frontlines of the Russo-Ukrainian War. As recently reported by National File, a Russian officer is claiming that he and his men discovered a massive child trafficking facility, where children were being stripped of their organs and “discarded” like “waste.”

VIDEO: Ukraine Accused of Slaughtering, Harvesting Children’s Organs, Disposing of Dismembered Children ‘Like Discarded Waste’, Russian Soldier Says

As Ukrainian casualties have continued to mount and the claims of massive Ukrainian victories made by globalist Western media outlets have failed to prove true, the Ukrainians are reportedly preparing to lower their enlistment age to 16, and deploy child soldiers to take on the Russians.

In video footage posted to Twitter, a Ukrainian soldier and what appears to be a Ukrainian policeman are reportedly handing out “calls for [the] army to children aged 16 and 17.”

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