A view of European flags floating in front of the Council of Europe building in Strasbourg, eastern France, on April 8, 2014. © FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP  

RT: Russia moves to end European treaties 

Moscow is set to renounce charters and treaties related to the Council of Europe 

President Vladimir Putin asked the Russian lawmakers on Tuesday to adopt a law that would formally end the country’s participation in 21 treaties and charters related to the Council of Europe. Moscow withdrew from the human rights body last March, saying it was captured by the US and its allies in service of Western political objectives. 

Putin has formally submitted the bill on terminating the treaties to State Duma chair Vyacheslav Volodin, following the provisions of a 1995 federal law.   

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Update #1: Putin proposes to denounce Statute of Council of Europe, conventions on human rights (TASS)

Update #2: Russia To Consider CoE’s International Treaties Terminated From March 16, 2022 – Draft Law (UrduPoint/Sputnik)  

WNU editor: This is unfortunate but not surprising.