Dmitry Donskoi nuclear powered submarine © Pyotr Kovalyov/TASS 

DNYUZ/Newsweek: Russia Nuclear Submarines Deployed Off U.S. Coast Spark Alarm  

As Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s war in Ukraine continues to rage, United States commanders and military observers are sounding the alarm about the activity of Russia’s submarine fleet thousands of miles away, off the U.S. coast. 

Throughout the war, which began when Putin launched a full-scale invasion of neighboring Ukraine last February, there has been a buildup of Russian Navy forces in the Black Sea. 

There has also been an increasing presence of Russian submarines off of U.S. coasts and in the Mediterranean, according to officials.  

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Update: US Military Warning of Russian Nuke Subs Off Coasts (Newsmax)  

WNU Editor: I do not know why Russian nuclear submarines being deployed off the US coast is causing alarm. The U.S. is actively involved in the Russia – Ukraine war. What does Washington expect?