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Daily Mail: Putin dons £2,600 Lora Piana coat he wore at pro-war rally as he drives over partially-destroyed Crimea bridge on same day ‘Ukrainian drones’ blast two Russian nuclear bombers 

* The key bridge to Crimea peninsular was blitzed in a surprise October 8 attack 

* It showed Kyiv is capable of hitting targets previously thought out of reach 

* Another surprise attack happened overnight, with two Russian nuclear bombers reportedly being damaged in a suspected Ukrainian drone strike on an airbase 

Vladimir Putin donned his £2,600 Lora Piana coat as he drove a Mercedes over the partially destroyed Crimea bridge and inspected repair works that are underway. 

The Kerch Bridge – which links Russia to annexed Crimea – was blitzed in a surprise attack in October, believed to have been carried out by Ukraine as a way of cutting Russian supply lines to the peninsular. 

Footage of the Russian president’s excursion was released on the same day that an airbase for nuclear bombers was hit in Saratov region damaging two Tu-95 planes, while another air base in Ryazan was also hit in a suspected drone attack.  

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Russian President Putin Drives On Crimea Bridge That Was Damaged By Explosion In October 

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