“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Another video from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has appeared online today. For this broadcast, a contingent of armed enforcers find themselves outside in daylight hours announcing another purge of theirs. 

A major portion of these men are dressed in civvies. While only a select few are donning camo attire. All men have masked their identities with balaclavas and baseball caps.
Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: This message goes out to all of society within the town of San Martin Texmelucan. The reason behind this broadcast is that there are individuals who have passed themselves off as belonging to our enterprise. 
All of the names that will be mentioned are dedicated to extortions, kidnappings, and fee protections. Here recently they opened fire on two innocent civilians. 
Citizens, our problem isn’t against anyone of you guys. We’ve come here to eradicate this gang of thieves who have been extorting the city of Texmelucan for many years now. 
Guitarras, El Gallo, Ismael, Teyes aka El Pecas, Barretas, Gustavo Villegas, Chatarras, and Patillas. We’re coming after everyone of you guys. 
This plaza already has an owner. Yours truly, The Barredora of Mr. Mencho and Comandante 3. To the government we say this: our problem isn’t against you guys. Lets us do our jobs here. Sincerely, The Jalisco New Generation Cartel you assholes. 
Sicarios all scream: We are the absolute mob of Lord Mencho!
Sicario #2: The Barredora!
Sicario #3: We are the four letters cartel you faggots!
Sicario #4: And Commander 3 you fucks!